Devlog 11/24/2020/ - 12/07/2020

Devil Devour Alive Dx WIP

Devil Devour Alive Dx WIP

need to work on today:
-seasonal changes
    - cherry blossoms ✔
    - halloween moon and clouds bats like santa✔

- redo all seasonal changes to be with particle effects
    - completed:       
    - Cherry Blossoms ✔
        - Snow ✔
    - Still need to complete:         
- Halloween
            - need to tweek bats particle so burst happens and they disapear ✔

- still need to work on:
    -tweak bat particles for halloween seasonal change ✔
- work on implementing a casual mode and regular mode
    - button in menu (baby mode or regular, change text )
    - variable that is saved (casualmode)✔
    - how casual mode is different thank regular mode
         - got spawner to keep spawning humans, got game to not do end scene ✔
        now i have to stop the end screen from coming up ✔
        - stop from saving scores in casual mode ✔
        - don't show lives on hud in casual mode ✔
- need to make "attract mode"
    - start thinking about it and then implement realtime gameplay with an AI... nver done this before
    - when in attract mode      
  - do not save score ✔
    - do not save high score ✔
     - do not save if collect collectibles do not save if complete any challenges

- forgot to work on fireworks for canada day to 4th of july

Music stopped when in casual mode and last "life" was taken
 - look at the sequence on life 8. need to play more to figure out why.
 - glitch still happening

work on next time:
- do not save if collect collectibles in attract mode
- add orange fade when "die|
- fireworks seasonal change
- music glitch.

I also did a reddit broadcast if you'd like to check it out

Indie game dev and cheesy music from r/shortcircuit
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