Devlog 11/20/2020


need to work on today
- randomized weekly challenges start thinking of how the interface will be and where they will appear ✔
- n# of enemies collected in one game, need to add variable for how many bodies collected each game restart it every game
- get n # of chain no misses, need a variable for chain length, restart it every game
- n# of bodies flung to screen, need variable for that
- n# of games played in a week, need to figure out how to measure week length ✔

still need to do/ get
- pixelation retainer boxes on every widget 
- still neet get 100 bios in each language we are going to localize the game in
- make it so the specific bio for each collectible comes up when you click on the collectible 

worked on:
- got a variable for the day of the week thanks to answer by evilcleric ✔
- Created layout for menu screen after title screen. ✔

Issue that appeared
- focus was missing a button in my menu and took forever to figure out I needed to make the button bigger and more spaced out. ✔

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