Devil Devour Alive OVERHAUL Update

After 10 days of on and off work, we've got a pretty B I G update which resolves almost every issue with this game jam software, DEVIL DEVOUR ALIVE. At this point, we can consider this the "final" version of the game jam version. A change log and updated known issues is listed below, right after this very important announcement...

We are announcing right now that there will be a full edition of this game, probably called DEVIL DEVOUR ALIVE DX. We're looking to have that done in the next couple months. If you would like to stay posted on the game and its updates visit our website, follow our social media, and register for our newsletter.

Drop a comment below if you'd like us to make a "post mortem" explaining how we made the game jam version.

Devil Devour Alive


**** CHANGE LOG ****

1.666 (Game Jam Version Overhaul) 04/30/2020

- Ragdoll Physics working (sinners fall more realisticly and react to the gears)

- Esc or Start + Select (controller) goes to menu

- Logo video quality and file size optimized

- Game Over fadeout skippable with any key except directional arrow and directional buttons.

- Menus work with keyboard, gamepad controller and mouse

- Optimized game

- Added "Low Quality" mode for lower spec computers

- Smaller file size 246MB (original file was 435MB)

- "Fixed" glitch where audio cuts out, happens less but still happens randomly not sure why

- Increased difficulty a bit by widening the sinners spawn area (reset high scores as well)


**** KNOWN ISSUES ****

-Sometimes the bucket flies into the air, but we reduced it and we're pretty sure this is a feature now because its kind of fun. 

-Sometimes the background music doesn't stop when the game over music plays. (much more rare now)

-Performance could be better, but this is basically it for the gamejam version

-Black textures on some low spec machines (still playable).

Files (Overhaul Update) 204 MB
May 01, 2020

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