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Really interesting game i wonder if you guys gonna make more in the future.  

Thank you! We are working on a commercial version of our game "Devil Devour Alive". 


This guy has to be the chillest dude in father history.


Thanks for playing our game! I really enjoyed your video, thanks for taking the time to make it.


This family desperately needs a shopping trip to get some more furniture. I don't know about this daughter, but she needs to be grounded: 

Thanks for playing! Hope you enjoyed it!


This reminds me that my kids โ€“ for years โ€“ have been making me buy DLC for games just so they could have death cults.

Clearly, this meant I had to buy this.

Clearly! Hope you enjoy the game! 


Interesting game. I liked the premise but wished I could skip to a further night to experience some of the other endings. But the one playthrough I had I enjoyed! Great idea for a game.


Weird. I like weird. The anime eyes clip is very cool.

Thanks! Glad you liked it

You should make a patreon and make easier people to support you guys!

Thank you! We always accept donations on all of our games ๐Ÿ˜‰


Hi devs, i made a video and two screenshots :P :D

Hey nice video and screens. Thanks for playing!

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Good Game. I give a strong recommendation to this one it had me trapped in an excited and Nervous smile all the way to the end.

Thanks for playing and the insightful video.


It was fun! I wholeheartedly encourage you to keep making games!


I quite enjoyed this one :) 

Thanks for playing and the video!


For a short game, It's well done, interesting and offer's some fun replay-ability. I like the build up to the final confrontation, the suspense is handled nicely. I only got one ending, but I enjoyed it enough to want to play it back in my own time for the others.


Thanks for playing and the cool video.

Thanks for making the cool game! :D

I really enjoyed this. Excellent execution of the style using the "days" as if they are pages in a manga. Would love an anthology like this.

Thanks for playing! Glad you liked it.

I never knew cthulhu was in Japan. But in all honesty, great use of the "manga" shader. I hope you can develop more of this game out.

Anywho, here's my channel for other games I have played.

Thanks for playing and sharing.

Funny commentary was needed, but that's just my take

Thanks for playing and sharing.

It was awesome helping you guys with this project! I absolutely love the game you built- can't wait to see more from you. :)

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Thanks for playing and helping. 


Guys, this manga shader is absolutely stunning. I'd really like to see it again.

Thanks for the great video. Very funny.

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Thanks for playing and making this video!